Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of Dentdale pods. We aim to create a great luxury glamping holiday with a low carbon footprint at the same time ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for our guests.

We have tried to do what we can to make the glamping pods the most sustainable option in holiday accommodation and we will continue to strive to do more to protect the National Park we live in.

Help us plant more trees.

For every stay that is booked, we’ll plant trees and bushes on the farm in the following planting season. This helps us to increase the biodiversity of our farmland and reduce your carbon footprint. The trees that we plant will be native trees to the local environment. Native British trees have symbiotic relationships with more insects, fungi and other wildlife than non-native trees. 

Trees planted so far


  • All the electric used at Dentdale Pods is generated by our own small hydroelectric power plant. Water flows through over 650 meters of pipework to generate 15GW of power. The electricity generated is used to power the farm and our glamping pods, the remaining is sent to the national grid.
  • All of the lightbulbs at Dentdale Pods are LED or low energy equivalents light bulbs.
  • Washable hand towels are available to hire rather than hand dryers.


There is nothing better than sitting in front of an open fire, watching the stars. Each pod has a firepit /bbq available to hire. We aim to supply the wood for these from our own trees that have fallen the previous winter or source the wood from local tree surgeons. We are also planning to set aside an area of land for coppicing, allowing us to be more self-sufficient.



The pods are fully insulated, meaning that you can be lovely and warm inside, in the comfort knowing that you are not warming the planet by using electricity generated from unsustainable sources.


We’ve tried to re purpose or reuse as much as possible.


We actively encourage our guests to use the recycling bins in the shippon for glass, tin, plastic, etc and try to make it all as easy and painless as possible – it is your holiday, after all.